Mighty Mooo™

Syn-Pro™ Product features are scientifically research-based.


Mighty Mooo™ Syn-Pro™ Capsules


To support the body’s immune defenses. Prevention, recovery for ills and chills.



Mighty Mooo™
Syn-Pro™ is our own unique formulation using a specialized form of whey protein isolate. enzymes & vitamins that give the greatest benefits to our bodies. Syn-Pro™ Capsules is scientifically research-based. To support the body’s immune defenses.

Daily Immune health support

Prevention, Recovery for ills and chills

Take 1-2 capsules for general daily immune health support. For ills and chills, can take up to 4-8 capsules per day. This product contains dairy-derived materials, Always read the label and use it as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.                              Not recommended for Children under 2 years old.